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Big Rigs at the Impala Grand Opening 2020

2nd Dec 2020 / 44 Comments / 4362 / News & Reviews
Big Rigs at the Impala Grand Opening 2020

When you think about breakfast runs, the first thing that springs to mind is probably a Harley Davidson cruiser or a superbike. But big rig breakfast runs are something else entirely.

Big rigs are not your average commercial trucks. They’re giant, chrome-clad spectacles that make anyone who passes stop and stare. And courtesy of South Africa’s own Big Rig Club, a selection of these imposing road warriors was on display at the Impala Truck Sales Grand Opening on 10 October in Centurion.  


Top big rig brands include Freightliner (USA), Peterbilt (USA), Kenworth (USA), Western Star (USA) and International (USA), among others. Big rigs are the custom-fitted masters of the road – with bigger sleeper areas than any other vehicles and with horsepower generally rated between 400 and 600.

Big rig trucks are heavy-duty vehicles that were primarily used to transport big loads cross-country and beyond. But the sheer size and length of these imported trucks came under scrutiny from regulators in South Africa – particularly in the conventional long-nosed trucks.

With trailer length having to be shortened, the capacity for larger loads – and profit – became diminished, so big rigs became less common in South Africa. But that didn’t stop these powerhouses from maintaining a cult following.

These are not your standard trucks. Big rigs are built for the long haul, with a comfortable rest space in the back of the cab, custom paint jobs, polished chrome fittings and they are even christened with unique names by their owners – like Thor, Dinky Toy, Old Smokey, Matchbox and Pink Panther, for example.

A small group of local enthusiasts still take their custom big rigs on the road for breakfast runs and for charity. Most recently, the club delivered bales of hay to farmers in need in the Bloemhof area. And their passion shines through like polished chrome.


The Big Rig Club was founded by passionate big rig enthusiasts, Danie Estherhuizen and Robert Lemmon. Robert says, “Following the decline in big rigs being imported into South Africa, a group of us got together and decided we wanted to keep the big rigs that were left on the roads.

“People’s heads turn when we pass them because they’re such a spectacle to see. So, we decided to form the club and go on breakfast runs and appear at events like matric farewells, weddings and various others. It’s pretty different going on a breakfast run in a big rig as opposed to on a bike. The first question we have to ask is, ‘where can we park?’


Unfortunately, the trucks on display at Impala’s grand opening were not for sale. The big rig enthusiasts who own them parked them purely for display purposes. But the spectator value alone was worth the trip.

Impala Truck Sales would like to thank all clients, partners, friends, the Big Rig Club and all the passionate truckers who came to see the big rigs and support the Grand Opening event.

Best Used Trucks for Sale to Buy

2nd Dec 2020 / 6 Comments / 20971 / News & Reviews
Best Used Trucks for Sale to Buy

At Impala Truck Sales, we do all the research and gather all the knowledge on used commercial trucks to ensure that our customers get the best trucks for their businesses. We are conveniently located just off the R21 in Centurion – close to both Pretoria and Johannesburg and our experienced sales team is always on-hand to help you make find the right used truck for sale.

We have a wide selection of used trucks and trailers for sale. But for the purpose of this blog, we’ll be focusing on the three best varieties of truck tractor double diff workhorses, available to buy today at Impala Truck Sales. These are some of our top used truck picks that are currently ruling South Africa’s roads.


The Volvo FH and FM truck range perfectly combines form and function into one heavy-duty package that is strong, reliable and has all the power you need for the long haul. There are four models to choose from in the range. These are the impressive Volvo FMX, the hardy Volvo FH, the ever-reliable Volvo FH16 and the trusted Volvo FM.

Volvo’s heavy duty range of trucks for sale rise to a whole new level of performance and efficiency. Added features include a more spacious interior, a brand-new driver interface and adaptive high beams. This is where Swedish design and rugged practicality meet perfectly in the middle. 


The Scania R-Series is rugged and affordable as a second-hand truck buy. They offer comfortable interiors and user-friendly dashboards. In fact, the R-Series dashboard reinvents the driver station for safe, quick and easy access to controls with minimum time needed to take your hands off the wheel.

Scania exteriors are unmistakeably tough and they are available with a wide variety of accessories and add-ons. Parts and service are readily available in South Africa and these reliable road warriors are unlikely to let you down.


The Freightliner Argosy truck range is the next generation Freightliner from a proud line of American-made trucks that have proved their worth on roads across the globe. This hard-worker looks and drives slick and is durable enough for tough terrain – so it handles the South African roads extremely well.

These double diff trucks are known for being reliable and low-maintenance and will get the job done, through potholes, heat, rain or shine.


The Impala Truck Sales team has the know-how and vehicles on-hand to make sure that the used truck you choose is ready to go to work for you. Get in touch today and talk to us about your freight and transport needs. We know you’re in it for the long haul. So are we.

What You Need to Know When Buying a Used Truck Tractor

2nd Dec 2020 / 1 Comments / 3091 / News & Reviews
What You Need to Know When Buying a Used Truck Tractor

“Buying a used truck doesn’t have to be a gamble. There are a lot of commercial trucks for sale out there and the variety can feel a bit much. But with proper research, you can easily narrow down your options. The more you know, the easier it will be to make the right decision and not look back.

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The Benefits of Buying Used Commercial Trucks

2nd Dec 2020 / 0 Comments / 2507 / News & Reviews
The Benefits of Buying Used Commercial Trucks

The biggest advantage of getting a second-hand commercial vehicle is the price. When you buy a new truck, it depreciates in value as soon as you drive it off the floor. A second-hand vehicle depreciates far less over time.

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Tips for Buying Commercial Trucks Online

2nd Dec 2020 / 3 Comments / 1538 / News & Reviews
Tips for Buying Commercial Trucks Online

You’ll find a number of dealers who have commercial trucks for sale. But according to Theunis Botha, Truck Sales and Workshop Manager for Impala Truck Sales, research is the key to making the right choice

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