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If you are in the market for a bargain commercial used truck or trailer at the best possible price, Impala Truck Sales can assist.


Our consignment stock is sold in its current condition, with no duty to repair and excludes roadworthy. Prices are kept low due to no repair or cosmetic refurbishment, and in return you are paying lower prices. Units are non-returnable and can-not be exchanged. Viewing and inspection is essential before making a purchase.


Shop our range of reduced-priced units for sale below.


Are you ready to move your vehicle to its new home?

If you want to sell or park a truck, your used truck or trailer will find a great new home and buyer with Impala Truck Sales. We provide used trucks for sale to a wide variety of businesses in South Africa and beyond.

We have used trailers for sale, too. So, if you have a trailer you would like to move on to its next owner, we can help. Impala Truck Sales offers a comprehensive range of truck and trailer appraisal services and provides ad-hoc quotes for every vehicle.

With Impala Truck Sales, you can sell your vehicle without the hassle. We have worked hard over the last two decades to ensure that ours is a name you can confidently trust. Our trucks and trailers travel all the highways and byways in our great nation. And we make sure that they are able to keep moving, keeping business alive in our growing economy.

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