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Best Used Trucks for Sale to Buy

23rd Sep 2020 News & Reviews
Best Used Trucks for Sale to Buy at Impala Truck Sales: Freightliner, Scania and Volvo>

At Impala Truck Sales, we do all the research and gather all the knowledge on used commercial trucks to ensure that our customers get the best trucks for their businesses. We are conveniently located just off the R21 in Centurion – close to both Pretoria and Johannesburg and our experienced sales team is always on-hand…

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What You Need to Know When Buying a Used Truck Tractor

27th Aug 2020 News & Reviews
Used Trucks for Sale in Centurion>

It’s a lot more complicated than simply pressing the “buy truck” button. When you are buying a used truck, truck tractor or trailer for your business, there is a lot to consider. Theunis Botha, Truck Sales and Workshop Manager for Impala Truck Sales, shares insight on a few of the “Must-Haves” when you’re looking to…

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The Benefits of Buying Used Commercial Trucks

14th Jul 2020 News & Reviews
The Benefits of Buying Used Commercial Trucks>

When it comes to looking at used commercial trucks for sale, value for money and reliability are always top of mind. But buying new can be extremely expensive. So, is it worth looking at a second-hand commercial vehicle instead? There are a lot of sellers with use commercial trucks for sale and used tractor trailers…

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Tips for Buying Commercial Trucks Online

22nd Jun 2020 News & Reviews
Tips for Buying Commercial Trucks Online>

As business slowly starts returning to normal following COVID-19, belts are being tightened and companies are looking to save money wherever they can. Besides that, minimal contact is still being advised, and technology has taken centre-stage in the marketplace – even, to an extent with vehicle and truck sales. You’ll find a number of dealers…

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What to Consider When Buying a Truck for Your Business

20th Jan 2020 News & Reviews
buy truck>

Logistics and transport in South Africa and the rest of Africa are the lifeblood of most industries – commercial, industrial, agricultural or otherwise; because without transport, there is no trade. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or are expanding your fleet of trucks, you may find it challenging to narrow down your options or find…

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Truck Safety First: Put Care Before Cargo

20th Jan 2020 News & Reviews
truck store>

Roads in Africa are fraught with hazards. But it’s not just the potholes, crossing pedestrians or animals and dark stretches of road you should be aware of. Trucks, transport and logistics concerns go beyond just getting from A to B. Here are three important considerations that should be on any trucker’s safety checklist. TRUCK DRIVER…

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The Future of Truck Fleet Management is Here

20th Jan 2020 News & Reviews
truck dealer>

Technology is changing by the minute on a global scale, and every day it permeates new areas of our daily lives in surprising ways. The transport business is no exception. The fleet, freight and logistics spaces have transformed drastically during the fourth industrial revolution. And whether your business is commercial, corporate or industrial, keeping up…

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