Truck Safety First: Put Care Before Cargo

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Truck Safety First: Put Care Before Cargo

20th Jan 2020 / Comments 1 / 1049 / News & Reviews
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Roads in Africa are fraught with hazards. But it’s not just the potholes, crossing pedestrians or animals and dark stretches of road you should be aware of. Trucks, transport and logistics concerns go beyond just getting from A to B.

Here are three important considerations that should be on any trucker’s safety checklist.

Truck Driver Care Before Delivery

Driver failure and mistakes are more likely to happen when a driver is sleep deprived. And the statistics are quite frightening. In a recent South African survey, 25% of local truck drivers admitted to involvement in an accident because they were tired.

In the bigger picture, people who constantly drive for long distances are very likely to experience back and neck issues. And drivers face mental health problems, too. The stress of being on busy roads is a factor; so is being away from family for extended periods of time. And while “alone time” on the open road may sound appealing to some, imagine if you had that all the time.

So, consider your drivers before you ask them to drive for 24-hours straight to get a delivery done on time. Planning could save lives. And providing adequate time off along with good healthcare options will make for much happier – and more effective – employees.

Stick to The Rules

It may seem tedious. But putting a thorough safety check policy in place before a driver embarks on a journey – no matter how big or small – can save a lot of headaches in the long-term. Arrive Alive has an effective checklist that could help formalise a simple process.

Next, ensure that your drivers’ knowledge is consistently refreshed so that they know the most important do’s and don’ts on the road. Start with these important points:

  • No tailgating
  • Avoid passing unless completely necessary
  • Keep below the maximum recommended speed and the speed limit
  • Only go into the emergency lane when completely necessary
  • Never allow the fuel tank to drop below a quarter

Formal rules and processes can help ensure that both your driver and truck get to their destination safely. And it only takes a small amount of time to put a few checks in place. Why risk costing your business a fortune in damages when you can protect your assets with a few simple steps?

Manage Customer Expectations

This may not sound like it’s connected to truck safety, but it has a direct impact on all of the above. Even if a delivery is urgent, it is your responsibility to make sure that the delivery timeframe is realistic.

An unrealistic delivery deadline means your driver may have to exceed the speed limit to get there. They may also have to drive more than the legal number of hours to make it on time. This opens your business up to traffic violations, driver failure and a host of other dangers.

Remember, keeping your customers happy is one thing. Putting your driver, cargo and vehicle at risk is another. Don’t allow the customer to corner you into compromising the wellbeing of your business.

Get The Safest Trucks at The Right Price

When you buy a truck from Impala Truck Sales, you can rest assured that quality safety standards are a top priority. We’re a family-run business that always puts people first. Each truck that is driven off our premises has undergone stringent tests and is fit for purpose.

Get in touch with Impala Truck Sales for safe, reliable and affordable trucks or machinery suited to just about any industry – in South Africa and all through the rest of Africa, from commercial to industrial, fleet, farming and more.

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